June 2, 2012

CoffeeScript version of the time span formatter between now and the date specified in a "Facebook way"

Earlier I published an ActionScript utility method that allows you to format the time span between now and the date specified in a "Facebook way".

Now I port it to CoffeeScript.

You can notice that the code is very similar, but thanks to CoffeeScript native string interpolation it is shorter and easier to read and understand!

You are welcome to contribute at https://github.com/skovalyov/time-format!

June 1, 2012

Game Lines made with CoffeeScript and Stylus

Try my game Lines at http://skovalyov.github.com/game-lines.

The source code is available at https://github.com/skovalyov/game-lines.

A lot of improvements to be done, but you can already play!

I plan to optimize for mobile, make the animation smoother, handle game over properly, introduce different complexity levels and high scores: global, today and probably personal.

Stay tuned and you are welcome to join!